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November 8, 2009 :: All right, favorite moments in Dunder Mifflin history: go.

* A Lack of Color by aphrodite_mine (Pam, Karen, Jim/Pam)
* Ontario by Talkative (Jim/Pam, NC-17)
* Can't Help But Wantcha by myrifique (Ryan/Kelly/Erin, NC-17)
* Clue: The Office Edition by bkwrm (ensemble)
* The 7 Most Interesting Couples in Northeastern Pennsylvania Paper Sales by un_den_iable

[icons & graphics]
* 20 panseason icons by paperless_world
* 17 Double Date icons by teandcoffee
* 40 Ed Helms icons by forever_monster
* 30 Double Date icons by pessimistreader

* 740 Double Date screencaps by inconceivable_m
* 302 Double Date screencaps by rawr_caps

* Double Date deleted scenes one and two.

* Thousand and One Words: Ryan Howard's photoblog.
* Signups are open 'til Nov 12 at Yuletide Treasure, the obscure fandom fic exchange, with Office RPF eligible.
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November 5, 2009 :: Why would you date an amateur when you could date a professional?

* Some Like It Cold by angelascats (Andy/Oscar)
* The Old Forever New Things by aphrodite_mine (Karen/Katy)
* until you can't see land by broken__records (Jim/Pam)

[icons & graphics]
* 24 Koi Pond icons by sebina
* 15 Mafia Icons by jankuaato
* 24 icons by aloneinthetown
* 26 icons by teandcoffee
* 20 Subtle Sexuality icons by lilies_pad
* 20 Koi Pond icons by teandcoffee

* 14 Subtle Sexuality animated gifs by supadupalove
* Halloween Sequence picspam by peacer77
* 740 Koi Pond screencaps by inconceivable_m
* 307 Koi Pond screencaps by rawr_caps

* I'd Rather Dance with You Cafe Disco fanvid by 3x1minus1

* New Subtle Sexuality webisodes!
* Koi Pond deleted scenes one, two, three, and four.
* Three new blogs from Jenna: here, here, and here.
* Rainn Wilson on Nightline on 10/26/09
* Slideshow comparing Office characters to Mad Men characters
* Excerpt of Jenna Fischer's interview on Bonnie Hunt today
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October 27, 2009 :: Oh, Professor Damien D. Duck.

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October 23, 2009 :: Trust me, I have bullied a lot of people.

* Cappuccino Chocolate Chip by scrantonscribe (Pam/Dwight)

[icons & graphics]
* 10 icons by iconcakes
* 10 Niagara icons by deals_adeal

* 740 "The Lover" screencaps by inconceivable_m
* 285 "The Lover" screencaps by potthead

* The Lover deleted scene one
* Subtle Sexuality: Behind the Scenes (of the upcoming webisodes)
* Rainn Wilson on Jay Leno, 10/21/2009
* Interview with Rainn Wilson in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
* Ed Helms interview in American Way Magazine
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October 21, 2009 :: That's why they call it murder, not muckduck.

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October 15, 2009 :: It's suggestive to women because of the howling during sex.

* Drugs by authormichals (Jim/Ryan)
* Five Things You Don't Know by live-love-laugh-FLOSS (ensemble)
* Improving His Karma by foodygoody (Toby)
* Beckon by authormichals (Jim/Ryan)

[icons & graphics]
* 17 season 2 icons by britbitbit
* 46 Niagara icons by whysosensitive
* 14 animated Niagara icons by blenderhead

* Niagara deleted scenes three and four

* Niagara Q&A with episode writer Mindy Kaling
* officelullz, a daily Office community [friendslocked]
* The Office cast as zombies at NBC (non-spoilery)
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October 11, 2009 :: Is there something about being a manager that makes you say stupid things?

scranton_times is looking for new co-editors. If you're interested, email scrantontimes [AT] gmail dot com and tell us why you'd rock.

* Lives, Love, Lived by EmilysList (WIP, Jim/Pam)
* hide inside while the harsh winds blow by bebitched (Pam/Angela)
* Trinkets by zippity_zoppity (Jim/Pam)

[icons & graphics]
* 18 Niagara icons by easy_bridge
* 38 Niagara icons by _collidingstars
* 88 Niagara icons by pessimistreader

* Office Wedding Dance photo album and several other galleries featuring unaired episode shots from NBC
* 2000+ Niagara screencaps by inconceivable_m
* Niagara animated gifs by teandcoffee

* Niagara deleted scenes one and two.
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October 7, 2009 :: Jim is like Big Bird. He is tall and yellow and very nice.

scranton_times is looking for new co-editors. If you're interested, email scrantontimes [AT] gmail dot com and tell us why you'd rock.

* Untitled by authormichals (Jim/Ryan)
* Consequences of an Open Bar by yanana (Michael, Jim/Pam)
* Tradition by wandersfound (Michael/Ryan)
* Positive Ways by bridgetmoon (Kelly/Toby)
* Five Times Ryan Gets Kissed, and One Time He Does the Kissing (AKA Five Times Ryan Kisses a Boy, and One Time He Likes It) by wandersfound (Michael/Ryan)

[icons & graphics]
* 32 The Meeting and The Promotion icons by whysosensitive
* 50 season 6 and John & Jenna icons by slur_a_plea
* 15 Gossip icons by wackyjax2

* John and Jenna wallpaper by jlpatricia

* I Can't Stop by jepattie (John/Jenna fanvid)

* The Promotion deleted scenes three and four
* Fancast interview with Jenna Fischer (spoilers)
* John Krasinski video interview with Rolling Stone
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October 3, 2009 :: Where would Catholicism be without the Popes?

scranton_times is looking for new co-editors. If you're interested, email scrantontimes [AT] gmail dot com and tell us why you'd rock.

* Cold by zippity_zoppity (Jim/Pam, Jim/Karen, Karen/Dan)
* How to Woo a Guy in Ten Days by firthgal (Oscar/Andy)
* i will swallow your sadness and eat your cold clay by websofseaweed (Pam/Katy)
* Mixed Signals by bridgetmoon (Ryan/Karen)
* Cappuccino Chocolate Chip by Chardin (Pam/Dwight)
* Batten down the hatches by bashert (Pam/Toby, Toby/OFC)
* Small Steps by foodygoody (Toby/Kelly)
* Swagger by officenerdgirl (Angela/Oscar)

[icons & graphics]
* 42 The Promotion icons by pessimistreader
* 26 The Meeting icons by teandcoffee
* 16 Jenna Fischer icons by krystalkills

* The Promotion deleted scenes one and two.
* Pam Beesly's Wedding Video Blog (no spoilers)
* Office Wedding promo (spoilers)