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08 November 2009 @ 06:47 pm
Announcement: scranton_times will be on hiatus until further notice.

If you regularly read the newsletter, and are interested in seeing it come back, please leave a comment, to help us gauge interest.

If you're interested in being a newsletter co-editor in the future, email scrantontimes [AT] gmail dot com and tell us why you'd rock.


Scranton Times Office newsletter archives: Over three years of links to quality fanfiction, organized by pairings and characters. Also icons, fanvids, fanmixes, deleted scenes, cast blogs, news and more.



For other Office fannishness, visit the communities and journals watched by the Scranton Times reading journal.
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scranton_times is looking for new co-editors. If you're interested, email scrantontimes [AT] gmail dot com and tell us why you'd rock.

* Cold by zippity_zoppity (Jim/Pam, Jim/Karen, Karen/Dan)
* How to Woo a Guy in Ten Days by firthgal (Oscar/Andy)
* i will swallow your sadness and eat your cold clay by websofseaweed (Pam/Katy)
* Mixed Signals by bridgetmoon (Ryan/Karen)
* Cappuccino Chocolate Chip by Chardin (Pam/Dwight)
* Batten down the hatches by bashert (Pam/Toby, Toby/OFC)
* Small Steps by foodygoody (Toby/Kelly)
* Swagger by officenerdgirl (Angela/Oscar)

[icons & graphics]
* 42 The Promotion icons by pessimistreader
* 26 The Meeting icons by teandcoffee
* 16 Jenna Fischer icons by krystalkills

* The Promotion deleted scenes one and two.
* Pam Beesly's Wedding Video Blog (no spoilers)
* Office Wedding promo (spoilers)